Quality zippers - Made in Italy

Quality zippers - Made in Italy

In order to be the best, you’ve got to work with the best – which is why GILBANO is proud to collaborate with our pick of world-renowned European suppliers to create the finest quality products possible.

For the past thirty years, Raccagni has created and manufactured top-quality metal zippers for some of Europe’s biggest luxury fashion brands. Situated in the northern Italian region of Lombardy and only a short trip away from the fashion capital of Milan, Raccagni is proud to be a family business with its roots firmly in Italy, supporting the local community and investing in green technology along the way.

A Raccagni zipper is renowned in the industry as the best of its kind, representing the perfect synthesis between design, functionality, craftsmanship and the highest quality raw materials. With attention paid to even the smallest detail, Raccagni is a perfect example of the long tradition and esteemed pedigree associated with its “Made In Italy” ethos – which is exactly why they are one of GILBANO’s trusted partners of choice. To find out more about Raccagni - visit their website here: 



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