Top 10 Travel Apps

Top 10 Travel Apps

As dedicated travel junkies, we’re always on the hunt for the smartest new technology that takes the grind out of our nomadic lifestyles, allowing us to kick back and soak up the experience instead of lose hair while battling logistics. Here are Team GILBANO’s very own picks when it comes to the apps that will ensure any global gallivanting runs to your timetable.

1. Spottly

spottly app

Instagram-meets-Lonely Planet-meets-Twitter: Spottly is your key to unlocking and sharing hidden all the gems uncovered on your travels. Snap pictures, save into your own bespoke travel guide then share with a community of “Spottly Insiders”. The app’s proximity search function ensures you’re never far away from the city’s best underground bar, no matter where you are in the world.

Available from iTunes  


2. LUXE City Guides


Cheeky but never cheesy, LUXE’s trademark pocket-sized guides are now available on the fly. These super-selective snippets are closely curated to ensure that there’s no filler, just the very best in-the-know info, easily accessed on your phone in bite-sized chunks. Create your itinerary, get auto-updates with the latest new information then share reviews with your fellow travellers.

Available from iTunes 


3. Packing Pro

Packing Pro App

The ideal companion app to your new luggage, Packing Pro takes the grind out of travel prep by allowing you to methodically check users’ items off one fully customisable inventory. Choose from pre-existing lists or create your own; the app will also calculate approximate weight – and even value – of your bags.

Available from iTunes


4. Gate Guru

Gate Guru

Your travel itinerary simplified, Gate Guru saves your upcoming journey data in one place, notifying you of any changes, delays or cancellations in real-time. Need to know where to get your 3am caffeine hit on that Doha layover? Tomorrow’s weather in São Paulo? Tap the app for airport amenity and on-the-ground intelligence. The travel stats tracker is an eye-opening and fun way to see just how many miles you’re clocking up in the cabin.
Available from iTunes, Google Play and Windows Store


5. Smith Hotels

Mr and Mrs Smith Travel App

Brought to you by hotel site Mr & Mrs Smith, the new Smith Hotels app is half booking tool, half aspirational mood board. Browse and book over 900 boutique properties worldwide, create your hotel wish list then nab exclusive member-only discounts.

Available from iTunes


6. Citymapper

Citymapper travel app

An indispensible tool for the independent traveller, Citymapper is a real-time transport app with serious street smarts. Currently available for 22 cities and counting, the smart map allows you to select your route then compare all possible transport options including bus, taxi, metro, bike and even good old shoe leather, along with the time and calories you’ll burn by walking.

Available from iTunes and Google Play.


7. Uber


This app features all American cities, a few European and also a few Asian cities. How doesn't know it, right? It delivers a taxi or licenced car service to your location in double-quick time with just two taps. Travel often for business? Uber offers a whole host of extra features for companies who need to hook up their people with a ride, fast.

Available from iTunes GooglePlay.


8. Happy Cow

Happy Cow

Whether you’re vegetarian or vegan, or just feel that too many hotel buffet breakfasts are starting to catch up with you, Happy Cow has you covered for healthy eats while you’re on the road. Facilitating healthier dining across six continents, this is a foodie tool that no wellness-conscious traveller worth their salt should be without.

Available from iTunes and Google Play


9. Pocket

Get Pocket App

Create some bespoke bedtime reading with Pocket. This clever virtual scrapbook replaces torn pages and hastily scribbled notes with a simple format that allows you to combine articles, photos, videos and pretty much anything else into one place and read at your leisure. Integrated with over 1500 other apps, you can also use Pocket offline, saving you on headache-inducing roaming charges.

Available from iTunes and Google Play


10. Darkroom


It takes a bit of creativity to keep followers fully engaged with your insta-feed, and that’s where pro photo-editing app Darkroom comes in. This fast, powerful photo editor allows you to customise your own filters, elegantly transforming your hasty “sunrise over Angkor Wat” snap into a guaranteed double-tap.

Available via iTunes



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