10 Travel Instagram Accounts To Inspire Wanderlust

10 Travel Instagram Accounts To Inspire Wanderlust

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next big trip then take a look at some of the Instagrammers that inspire us to pack up and leave on a jet plane. From adventure travel to toes-in-the-sand selfies; the world’s best bites to high-altitude cruising, if you love travel like we do, here are 10 accounts you need to follow.


1. If you’re craving a relaxing break on the Med then @lepostcard should be on your follow list. Focusing predominantly on classic southern European beachscapes intercut with the occasional tropical vista and some beautifully staged travel inspo shots, blue is most definitely the colour du jour.

2. We’ve all seen Murad and Nataly Osmann’s much-imitated #followmeto shots, but just as interesting is Murad’s behind-the-scenes Insta account, @followmetraveller, which shows exactly how the couple create those stunning images on their travels around the globe.

3. Gabby is an interior stylist and former Philly girl who now calls London home. With a passion for great design and style gems, it is through her insta feed @flat15 that she shares her inspiration and adventures. Whether it be rug hunting in Morocco, a colorful corner of her London neighbourhood, or street art found in downtown L.A., there is plenty of eye candy to go around!

4. Capturing Europe through the lens of her iPhone, @mariannehope is a Norwegian-born Amsterdam-dweller with an eye light, rendering the ordinary extraordinary. With plenty of inspiring food, nature and architecture shots, you can’t help but keep scrolling through this feed.

5. Matthew Karsten is a global nomad with a serious taste for action, documented on his insta-feed @expertvagabond. So where does he go? Everywhere! You’ll find him hot air ballooning in South Africa, kayaking in Réunion, diving between tectonic plates in Iceland… the list, and the adventure, goes on.

6. Architect and Interior Designer JJ Acuna is @thewanderlister and as you might expect, his carefully curated feed closely follows his passions. Based in Hong Kong, his photos explore Asia, its architecture, food and fashions, while offering bite-sizes snippets of information that travellers to the region will find fascinating.  

7. As a certified pilot, @adamsenatori captures aerial shots of his many destinations, making this one of the most unique travel accounts we’ve seen. These birds’-eye view images offer breathtaking perspectives from Hawaii to Vermont to Dubai and beyond from the cockpit of a Cessna.

8. If anything will get you rushing to book your next holiday, @theluxenomad’s Instagram feed will. Showcasing a truly stunning portfolio of small independent hotels and villas, this collection of images of Asia and beyond offers precisely the right amount of escapism to get you through a rainy Monday morning commute.

9. Co-founder of Asian travel app Spottly Insider, Charlotte Chen documents her travels @wunderlotte. With an upbeat commentary style that’s as engaging as her pics, if you’re a fan of the flatlay, Charlotte’s colourful foodie table shots have just the right amount of quirk to keep things fresh.

10. London-based Andrea Magrat’s @somekindofwanderlust feed captures moments and moods from Bolivia to Berlin. Using unexpected pops of colour that draw you in, this account will have you reaching for your passport between double-taps.


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