10 travel gadgets you won't want to travel without

10 travel gadgets you won't want to travel without


10 travel gadgets you won't want to travel without 

Passport? … Check!      Keys? … Check!      Phone? … Check!

So you’ve got your absolute essentials packed and you’re ready to go. But what about those other must-have items on the list? The ones that make your day run seamlessly and add a little bit of luxury to your journey, whether it’s to a tropical beach hideaway or the most mundane conference. Here are 10 of our favourite travel essentials that can make or break a trip. Pack light – you’ll definitely want space in your case for this dream pack.

1. Passport Protection

First things first: effortlessly store all of your travel essentials, including passport, ticket and frequent flyer card in the GILBANO - YORK passport holder. With ample space for airline tickets, credit cards and foreign currency, and you can also avoid sticky situations with the integrated adhesive luggage-tag card. A one-pocket multi-tasking marvel.

Leather Passport Holder YORK

2. Dental Care

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so keeping your smile white and bright on-the-go is crucial to business success. This Quip electric toothbrush is portable, affordable and works like a charm. Another tooth-taming tool, the Daneson white birch toothpick set is infused with natural essential oils, bringing maximum hygiene to a stylish pocket-sized pack without the chemical nasties.

Get Quip toothbrushGetQuip toothbrushDaneson toothpick


3. Macbook Charging

Mac devotees in need of lightening-fast download speeds should look no further than the Apple Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter. Forget snail’s pace Wi-Fi – this crafty cable turns your hotel’s internet connection into something rather more useable and makes connection a cinch if your laptop lacks an Ethernet port.  

Thunderbolt Gigabit Ethernet cableThunderbolt Gigabit Ethernet cable


4. Portable Power

Widely regarded as the pretender to tech behemoth Apple’s crown, Mi specialise in functional technology at a no-frills price. The Mi Power Bank will keep all your tech ready for action with its staggering 10,400 mAh of available charge, encased in sleek, durable aluminium. Need even more oomph? This Morphie Powerstation Duo is designed to charge two devices simultaneously, so you no longer have to make a tough call on which USB device to keep alive while you tend to another.  

Mi PowerbankMophie portable battery


5. Cable Management

And while we’re on the topic of gadgets, GILBANO’s HYDE travel case is a must-have accessory for all frequent travellers. Offering a sleek solution to stashing travel adaptors, charging cables, battery packs and anything else that usually gets lost or tangled during your travels – simply toss it into your bag and you’re good to go. 


6. Portable Sound

No matter how engrossing the presentation, there are times when only your favourite tunes will suffice. At the top of our wishlist is the Bang and Olufsen Beoplay A2 bluetooth speaker in ultra-lightweight black copper, delivering crystal-clear acoustics in refined style. If the budget doesn’t quite stretch that far, then Harman/Kardon’s Esquire 2 bluetooth speaker ticks both business and pleasure boxes with its advanced acoustic engineering that also includes quad microphone conferencing functionality. For the ultimate in portability, the UE Roll by Ultimate Ears is hard to beat. This petite speaker delivers larger-than-life, 360-degree sound at a wallet-friendly price. 

UE RollHarman Kardon BeoplayBang and Olufsen Beoplay


7. Noise-cancelling Headsets

Noise-cancelling headphones are the ultimate in multi-tasking travel technology, offering you enhanced sound quality for your music, video and podcasts while also giving you the opportunity to catch some shut-eye on your red-eye in blissful silence. Bose are synonymous with noise-cancelling technology and their QuietComfort over-ear range are the epitome of stylish silence – we love that they offer specific Apple and Android options for ultimate compatibility. For a discreet in-ear option, AKG’s K391NC earphones offer just the right balance between performance and portability.

Bose QC25AGK K391NC


8. Photography

For pro photography without the space issues that toting your DSLR creates then the Olloclip offers a nifty solution. This range of clip-on lenses takes your iPhone 6 pics to the next level, with panoramic, macro and fisheye options available in an instant.



9. Shades

It’s not all about the tech. Looking good (and concealing any additional bags collected on your long-haul flight) can be as simple as a stylish pair of shades. Berlin leads the way in functional European design and Mykita’s range of ultra-light stainless steel-framed sunglasses are ideal for travellers without an ounce of weight to spare. ic! Berlin produce screw-less sunglasses that are as stylish as they are innovative, giving you one less thing to worry about when you’re on the road. (Seriously, where do you find a watchmaker’s screwdriver at 6pm on a rainy Wednesday in Ulan Bator?). Last, but not least, Kuboraum’s design-led acetate frames are durable style statements that immediately create a fashionable focal point for even the simplest outfit in your suitcase.

 MykitaKuboraumIC! Berlin


10. Fitness

Finding time for a regular workout while travelling can be a headache. Packing an RX Smart Gear jump rope will help you to stay on top of your fitness game in colourful – and customisable – style. Take it up a notch with Rogue’s SR1 Bearing Speed Rope for the ultimate in both jump rope speed and durability.


RX jump ropeRogue Speed Rope



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